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Master Diver Trainer Prep

Today's divers want to experience different diving activities. During the IDC you will learn how to promote the PADI Continuing Education programs. By being able to provide these programs to your clients you will definitely increase your income and profitability as a PADI Instructor. During the Master Diver Trainer Prep Program you will also learn our unique concept in designing and marketing successful continuing education programs.

Training is the key in developing safe divers. Specialty programs in the PADI System provides an educational approach in training divers in different activities. As an Instructor one of your duties is to create safe divers. Most instructors think selling the Specialty programs are difficult. It all depends to your attitude and your marketing strategy. During the entry level training and in the Advance program you are planting the seeds of continuing education. The students read and hear the need for continuing education including the specialties.

Therefore you have clients who accept the fact that additional training is needed. How it becomes difficult to sell is probably your marketing strategy.