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Triad Program

DivemasteringThis program is designed to incorporate all the necessary programs for the diver who wants to progress in to the professional level. TRIAD incorporates the following programs; PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Medic First Aid and PADI Divemaster. The real benefit in enrolling to TRIAD is during the Divemaster program you will work with actual students and customers. Therefore, you will have real life experience.

Medic First Aid Program

PADI Medic First Aid is basic first aid and CPR which can be conducted in as little as eight hours. You will learn the same emergency techniques used by paramedics and doctors, but at a layman`s level. In addition to CPR you will learn how to administer first aid properly and effectively using the most up to date methods.


This is the first step in becoming professional. You will be expanding your diving skills and knowledge to the professional level. You will also learn and practice supervising diving activities and assisting student training.