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IDC Prep

When planning a diving career, many divers are uncertain as to the level of diving skills or diving knowledge that is expected during the instructor program. Because of this uncertainty, it is difficult to prepare for your program-you simply don't know what to expect. This is where Instructor Preparatory Course (IDC Prep) benefits you.

with your friends study at your leisure timeThe three-day prep program reviews all areas of academics, pool, and diving skills needed to prepare you for the PADI IDC and IE. Prep program is scheduled prior to your IDC to be sure that you have plenty of free study time. The prep allows you to get the most benefit from all portions of the IDC, and to avoid long, tiring, sixteen-hour days during the IDC program.

By taking your prep before you begin your IDC, you can focus on one program at a time. You remember the information better because you are not overly tired during the presentations, pool, open-water sessions, and reviews. The prep course prepares you to enter and succeed at the instructor level, and it provides an introduction to teaching diving topics.

Most importantly, because no academic reviews are covered during the IDC, the five theory areas of IE academic testing are reviewed and strengthened during your prep course. You'll practice using your wheel, review the physics and physiology information, and practice rescue and diving skills. These are important skills and information that are not covered during the IDC - so you must practice these before your instructor course.